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Investors Retreat in Mombasa Kenya

21st July 2018

We will have our Investors retreat on 27th - 29th July at the Travellers Beach Hotel, Mombasa Kenya. Our brand sponsors, partners, strategic investors and their representatives together with some of our invited selected consumers will get the chance to interact and engage on service delivery, various challenges and equally customer feedback.

Invitations have been sent out via email and subsequent phone calls made. Our recent success on our Services Packages offering brings a mood of optimism and happiness to the gathering. All our 'Max Pack' clients from our Service Packages are invited.


List of Applicants invigted for interviews for the position of Sales Agents


We are thankful to all who showed interest and applied for the above position advertised on 6th April 2018. We received a bulk-load of applications from many talented individuals who showed that they had the skill, ability and experience needed to tackle the job description. It was a difficult weekend of sifting through resumes and narrowing down to the following applicants listed below

We have contacted most of the individuals listed below and informed them of interview dates. Please note that we will not accept 'Walk-in's' who attend the interview without our invitation. We still have one position left unfilled of General Manager - Uganda. Application deadline is 21st April, use link General Manager - Uganda

We wish the rest of the applicants success in their respective job-hunting!

Elsie Khan
Operations Manager
Opulse-Nation Systems

Main Office Location Back in Nairobi, Kenya

On September 2017, our management made the unanimous decision to relocate our Main Office operations from Nairobi Kenya to our offices in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. This was mainly due to the ongoing electoral crisis occuring in the country which we felt threatened to disrupt the key functions handled by the main office in service to other regional offices. The administrative duties of Communications, Human Resource, Finance and Regional Coordination were shifted to Dar Es Salaam as a precautionary measure while other services at our Nairobi office continued. Our office at P1 - Old Bagamoyo Road in Dar has served as our main office since then. 

We are happy to report that we will be shifting the Main Office back to Nairobi On April 10 2018. This is with full confidence of the stability and security of Kenya both economically and socially. We appreciate the staff who were/are affected by the previous and current shift, and continue to provide their services to us diligently.

On the consumer side, nothing changes or is affected.

 We, as a firm always seek to serve you better. We had some lapses in Communication and coordination region-wise with the shift to Tanzania and we highly regret the inconveniences experienced. The hope is that the move of our administrative unit back to Nairobi will help us regain the fluidity we enjoyed in these key functions.

Thank you for choosing us ! #HereWithYou

Emily Chanzwi
Executive Senior Manager
Opulse-Nation Systems

Renewal of the Start-Up Uganda sponsorship

We are proud to renew our sponsorship for Start-Up Youth Uganda for the 3rd year. We currently cater for four students studing their O-Level education in Uganda who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We joined the Start-Up Youth Uganda initiative in 2016 where we took up the four students who had just completed their Primary education. We intend to continue with their sponsorship till the completion of their O-Level education and thereafter assess their continuation to A-Level education

We thank the Start-Up Uganda initiative founder, Lisa Kobunji and all our other partners in the contribution and success of this initiative.

#OpulseCares #OpulseSocialPrograms

News and Events for 2018

The New Year has progressed with a month past and we at Opulse Nation have begun on a bright note: Our Service Package subscriptions added 8 clients in January. The addition of our new wing; Opulse Biz (Marketing and Advertising) has boosted our Service Packs demand and we expect more value addtion for it as the year goes on.

A change has been made in our management structure; Elsie Khan - formerly our Business Development Manager is now the Chief Operations Officer handling all operations for our four regional stations. The office of Business development has been merged with Marketing which is run by Stephen Mwaura. This is in line with steamlining our services to serve you better.

The Tanzania office will also remain as our Main Office until end of May this year. It's location was moved to Dar-es Salaam from Nairobi in November 2017 and was set to go back to Nairobi at the end of February; however with the ongoing uncertainty in Kenya, management saw it fit to extend the operations in Dar es Salaam till May.

We have also cancelled SatPlan Nairobi which was scheduled for 17th February. All our event sponsors and exhibition clients have been notified. This is due to factors beyond our control and we apologize for the inconvenience. We are working out a way to have in March however it is too early to tell.

As always we are happy to serve you. We hope last year's successes will be doubled and so will better service delivery to you. Thank you for the support.

#HereWithYou #TukoPamojaNawe.

Emily Chanzwi
Executive Manager, Opulse Nation Systems

Notice of closure during festive period

This is to inform our customers that we will be closing all our regional stations from 22nd December 2017 up to 8th January 2018. We have numerous bookings in-between these dates highlighted for Events and Photography; these will not be affected and will be catered for. 

Our customer care channels (email, mobile, social media) will remain operational during this period for taking enquiries and early bookings for next year.

It has been a pleasure to serve you in 2017. We hope to carry on the journey with you in 2018! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Opulse Team 2017


2017 Annual Report


The Annual Report for the year ending 2017 is out. The report has higlighted events and financials for this year (2017) and the previous year (2016) whose annual report was not released.

 View it using the picture link below



New Marketing & Advertising Department to be created
(Opulse Biz)




This December, we will be adding a new department and thus a new service to our existing three departments called Opulse Biz.

Opulse Biz – which is a breakaway from our Graphics Department (XDL) will cater for all marketing and advertising solutions for our current and prospective clients. Its main base of operation will be in our Nairobi station in Kenya and it will service all our other stations in the region.

Pricing of this service will be posted on this site at a later date. Our clients already enrolled in any of our Opulse Business Packages will enjoy this new service free for the 1st three months: This will also apply for any new subscribers in the months of November and December 2017.

Value addition in our services is our intended goal to ensure you enjoy the best all round service experience for your business or personal ventures. We can’t wait to provide this service to you!

For any enquiries, contact us through our customer care line (+254 731 247 784) or any of our various social media platforms.

Elsie Khan
Business Development Manager




Change of our Main Office location

We would like to inform everyone that we have shifted our Main Office duties and responsibilities from the Nairobi station in Kenya to the Dar es Salaam station in Tanzania. These are changes at the administration level of our firm and thus do not affect service delivery at the station.

The move to our Dar es Salaam station is temporary and will last 3 months (from 1st November 2017 to 1st February 2018). This is due to the prevailing economic climate in Kenya brought forth by the past elections done in August and October: There has been a considerable dip in sales and bookings in the country; some of the staff have been transferred to other stations in East Africa to help out as we resolve business issues at the Kenya station.

Please note that the Kenya station still operates as normal and we hope that the prevailing situation in the country improves. Our main contacts have not changed.
Thank you for your continued support.

Emily Chanzwi
Executive Manager

Closures during the General elections


This coming August, the people of the Republic of Kenya and Rwanda will hold General Elections where citizens will take part in choosing candidates for the available leadership positions. This is a constitutional right and priviledge accorded to citizens and we at Opulse Nation Systems respect this right.

The Republic of Rwanda will hold elections on 4th August 2017. We will therefore close the OPULSE RWANDA office from 1st to 6th August 2017. We will reopen on 7th August 2017 and normal operations will resume. This will provide our staff with sufficient time to make their own individual arrangements to participate in the General Election.

The Republic of Kenya; which is also the location of the MAIN OFFICE for Opulse Nation Systems will hold elections on 8th August 2017. We will therefore close the OPULSE KENYA operations from 4th to 14th August 2017. We will reopen on 15th August 2017 and normal operations will resume. This will also assist our staff to make the appropriate arrangements.

Our offices in Tanzania and Uganda will operate normally with no disruptions during this period. All our customers enrolled in the Business Packages Program and those with early bookings in Kenya and Rwanda have been notified of these closures and arrangements are being made to provide service delivery during this period.

General Elections and the events after are unpredictable; we however hope that they will be conducted in a transparent manner in order to promote peace in both countries and enable businesses to resume working. We at Opulse Nation Systems stand for peace and stability within the docrines of democracy and we continue to promote and instill this message to our staff.

Any changes that might occur during this period will be communicated immediately.

Thank you for being part of the #TeamOpulse journey!

Emily M. Chanzwi

See Official Document below.


Acquisition Announcement


We announce our acquisition of Imran FotoFast Uganda  for an undisclosed amount.

Imran is a photography and events firm operating inthe city of Kampala, Uganda. Started in 2007, it boasts of 10 years of impeccable service in the country. It has two studios currently in operation; one along Kampala Rd and the second located in the Nakawa area of the city.

As we finalize our entry to the Ugandan market which is set to begin on 10th July 2017, we will use these studios provided by Imran to enable our services be more accessible to both the middle-class and ordinary Ugandans.

We thank both parties involved in this aquisition and other relevant bodies that assisted in enabling this transaction to be successful.

Opulse Management.

Eye on Uganda: The Two Year Journey

20th June 2017

It is a journey two years in the making, and now we finally open in Kampala. What most people don’t know is that Opulse has been operating in Kampala for over a year now under the stewardship of Imran Fotofast Studios. We have helped Imran in at least 8 projects which have mostly been events planning.


However the desire to have a solo presence in Uganda has taken two years to cultivate and soon achieve. We are also linked with one of the charitable organizations for children’s education – Start Up Uganda Initiative – and this has helped in showing our willingness to engage with the social problems as well as running a business.


Why Uganda?

One is that the country holds a certain sentimental value to us. Our co-founder; Moses Kariuki credits most of his education to the country even being that he is a Kenyan citizen. He was the first to pursue and eventually build the building blocks to our entry now. Our current two Executive Managers; Emily Chanzwi and Vena Nkwezi also studied in Uganda even though they are citizens of Tanzania. Some of our employees in Kenya and Tanzania have studied in Uganda: we all had that one desire to give back – no matter how small – the hospitality and chance to advance our knowledge to the country. It gave the chance and opportunities that our countries couldn’t at that time.

Second, Uganda has always been a vibrant market of opportunities. With market researches and analysis done before our entry, we have seen the numbers and they are promising. They say that practical aspects are different from the theoretical analysis but we are willing to take the risk.

The third point is the desire to be wholly East African. With our main office in Nairobi, Kenya – regional offices in Dar-es Salaam Tanzania and Kigali Rwanda – Kampala was the last missing link to that goal. Such plans of course take time due to financial constraints, feasibility studies and other external factors but soon enough, the East African tag will soon be a reality for Opulse Nation.

We hope that Kampala will welcome us with open arms, and that this office will eventually be our lead earner in the East African region. We thank all those who have been on this journey to Uganda and cross our fingers to a new frontier in our business ventures.

Opulse (or the idea of it) was born in Uganda, now Opulse comes back home

Written by Timothy Ng'eno




Education for all to build the future

9th March 2017
The Start-Up Youth Uganda - An Opulse-Nation Sponsorship beneficiary

Start-Up Youth is a Ugandan-based org with a mission to provide education to bright students from poor backgrounds in Uganda’s primary system. 

It’s founder, Lisa Kobunji who is also the Owner/Proprietor of Imran Fotofast Studios saw the plight of bright students whose situation limited them to getting proper education to further their lives. She sought to make a difference in her society by organizing a fundraising program for some of these students. Start-Up Youth was started on March 2013 and has helped at least a dozen students to complete their ‘O’ level and ‘A’ level education.

Opulse Nation joined this organization on February 2016 assisting in financial aid to help 4 students go through their ‘O’ and ‘A’ level education. We also have one of our partners from Kenya; Nancy caterers assisting us in this initiative

Some of the other sponsors of this organization are;

 “Change takes time but it’s inevitable, and it is our responsibility to play our part to make it better rather than the inverse. – Emily Chanzwi (Exec. Manager, Opulse Nation).

In 2017, we continue to support the 4 studuents we initially took through the progress of their education. We were unable to take any more students this year though we are optimistic that we will take another group of students next year.


We are proud to not only be the voice, but the doer of change towards future prosperity for our younger generation.






Opulse Nation officially reopens on 1st September under new management. Emily Chanzwi and Vena Nkwezi - both from the Tanzanian firm Pangolin Planners - are the new owners and managers for Opulse Nation (Kenya and Tanzania.) 

Opulse Tanzania was never affected by the Kenya closure and continued operating as normal. With the new management, some changes have been made in the overall Opulse Nation setup;

(1). The Main offices have now been transferred to P5, Old Bagamoyo Rd, Dar-es Salaam Tanzania from their orginal Vision Plaza office in Nairobi Kenya.

(2). The Kenya office will initially operate only the Graphics section (Xcrevers Design Lab) as efforts will be made to reopen the other two departments. Thus our services in Kenya will only be graphic design and marketing services.

(3). The Tanzania office will take up all operations (Visual Studios, Xcrevers and Events) together with Pangolin Planners as we make a permanent entry into Rwanda on October. 

(4). Our Vision Plaza offices will continue operating for graphic services in Kenya. All are welcome! Edward Zalewi will take over management of operations in Kenya.

(5) We hope to restore everything back soon in Kenya, thus ask for your patience.

We hope to welcome all of you back to our doors! It's a new beginning and expect better services ! 

Timothy N'geno 
Opulse Tanzania




An Opulse day in St Jude 

Published on 28/01/2016

Our team recently paid a visit to St Jude Nursery & Lower Primary, which is a beneficiary of our Social Responsibility program.

We initialy started supporting the school by joining the food program where we contributed to their food budget for the children in early 2015. Now in partnership with the Helping Hands Foundation, we managed to improve their classroom block infrastructure, buy stationery and a new cxlassroom block is under construction and due to be completed by early August.

Our team visited the school during its normal activities to get an impression of the impact our help and the help of other donors have benefitted the children. TeamOpulse participated in their classroom and outdoor activities and received nothing but praise and success for the much accomplished in a year. The school has a population of 322 children and with the improvement of the current classroom blocks, and the completion of the new block come August, they will manage to admit more children!

To view some our previous engagements, view our 2015 report here

OurWe hope through the help of our current donors we will continue supporting the school even after all the infrastructural changes are complete.


Statement on postponement of the Bot Animax: The Awakening premier

22/05/2016: Operations Division

A lending hand from the Helping Hands Foundation

Published on 28/01/2016


In February 2015, Opulse Nation Systems in its Social Responsibility agenda hears the plight of the school administration of St. Jude Nursery & Lower Primary school and stepped in to assist. We organized a feeding program for all its children where we assisted in their food budget for up to 80% of the total budget.

We continue to provide financial resources to ensure these children enjoy a balanced diet while building their future. On Monday (25th January 2016), after several earlier engagements, the Helping Hands Foundation joined in on our endeavor to support these children.

The groups African Director, Ms. Eva Heiz pledged to support not only financial and infrastructural development of the school. This will see the children get a better education environment for their studies by receiving new desks, chairs, books and stationery. Plans are also underway to develop a new classroom block and also build public health amenities (lavatories) for the school.

It is truly a noble effort by Helping Hands Foundation to help out where we couldn’t and are anxious to see the future prosperity of St. Jude which will promote the value of education to the people of Korogocho, Nairobi.

We are committed to two educational programs (St. Jude and Start-up Uganda Initiative) and we hope to join more as we grow in business.

For more information about any of these initiatives or willing to help; kindly contact our customer care line (+254731247784) or write an email to us at or .

It is up to us to preserve the future, by building the right foundation now.

Statement on our business activities in Tanzania.

Education for all to build the future

The Start-Up Youth Uganda - An Opulse-Nation Initiative

Start-Up Youth is a Ugandan-based org with a mission to provide education to bright students from poor backgrounds in Uganda’s primary system.

It’s founder, Lisa Kobunji who is also the Owner/Proprietor of Imran Fotofast Studios saw the plight of bright students whose situation limited them to getting proper education to further their lives. She sought to make a difference in her society by organizing a fundraising program for some of these students. Start-Up Youth was started on March 2013 and has helped at least a dozen students to complete their ‘O’ level and ‘A’ level education.



Opulse Nation is now part of this organization assisting in financial aid to help students go through their ‘O’ and ‘A’ level education. We also have one of our partners from Kenya; Nancy caterers join the noble organization.

Some of the other sponsors of this organization are;

 “Change takes time but it’s inevitable, and it is our responsibility to play our part to make it better rather than the inverse.” – Collins Omondi (Operations Chief, Opulse Nation).

We wait as the first batch of students (18) will be selected from this year’s final examination and sponsored to study in various secondary institutions and colleges.

We are proud to not only be the voice, but the doer of change towards future prosperity for our younger generation.



Sylvia Jebitok
Social Editor/ I.T Dept.


October 30th 2015



These are now the official changes at Opulse Nation

(a) Collins Omondi takes over the Head, Operations

(b) Carol Wangari is the new Head, Service Delivery. This is a new position that involves athe supervision of all the three departments plus our Tanzania office.

Sylvia Jebitok
Social Editor/ I.T Dept.