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BlueRate Month


#BlueRate is a services offer that is provided once every year for two months. In this offer all our prices for services from the three departments (Xcrevers Design Lab, Opulse Visual Studios, Opulse M&E) are cut by 50% for the two months it is running.

Bookings made within this month also enjoy this offer one month after its expiry. This offer however excludes our customers in the ‘Business Packages Program’ who enjoy their own personal benefits from our multiple services.

The two months allocated for BlueRate offer are announced in the beginning of the year. 

Morning Energy


#MorningEnergy is 4-day occasional event organized by us in collaboration with existing hotels, vendors or caterers in the region.

Visitors to any of our offices in the region where is taking place are treated to a free breakfast plus other freebies on offer during the periods of to Visitors are encouraged to book a service from us however this is not a mandatory requirement.

We make sure that our collaborators (Hotel firms or caterers) are licensed and have a clean bill of health before employing them to this promotion. Food stuffs and materials are also double-checked to fit the health standards to provide safety to the consumers.

Terms of the Promotion

  1. Visitors get one breakfast for the whole event; multiple visits will not subscribe you to more than one breakfast unless under instruction from the Regional Manager in charge.

  2. No foods are allowed in or out of the premises in the periods during this promotion. This is to control a clean and healthy eating environment without any outside contamination.

  3. The promotion runs from to for the 4 days it is allocated. There are no extensions.

  4. Management reserves the right of attendance

  5. All media devices apart from mobile/smartphones are not allowed during this period when the promotion is ongoing. Phone pictures and selfies are however allowed.

  6. Announcement for the promotion will be made one week prior to commencement at all our communication channels.

  7. Entry is free.


#SatPlan is an occasional event that happens on a prescribed Saturday of the week on one of our four regional stations.

Here we get to promote our services through an exhibition of arts and photography. Activities like drawing, painting, photography training and more also occur as well as music and entertainment for our guests. Willing businesses are also given the chance to participate by providing them with display tools for their own exhibition of their products.

Terms of the Promotion

  1. Entry is free.

  2. Businesses willing to participate must contact our main office a week before promotion date.

  3. Businesses enrolled in our ‘Business Packages Program’ have free exhibition rights in this promotion.

  4. The promotion occurs on a Saturday from to There are no extensions unless ordered by the Regional manager of the station.

  5. Management reserves the right of attendance.

  6. Announcement for the promotion is made one week prior commencement on all our communication channels.