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Know Our Marketing Strategy

Programmatic can be described as the use of technology/automation to buy and serve ads online. It is all about putting the right ad in front of the right person at the right time. Instead of only putting your ad on just one website, you can serve it on and any website online (that allows ads) and target the type of person that is likely to be interested in your product/service.

Find Out The Tactics We Use

Advertising works best when it is shown to the people who are actually interested in your product/service and no channel can do that better than digital advertising, especially programmatic advertising. We can easily target anyone, anywhere with the help of data and sophisticated display tactics. Imagine a hotel in Zanzibar which wants to show a sale to customers in Nairobi or a local tour guide who want to reach frequent flyers in the Kigali. The days of stressing about arranging with multiple foreign advertising companies (who do not understand your local culture) to serve your ads in newspapers/ TV etc. are over!




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